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Biothane Safety Clip/ Backup Connector


BioThane is a durable and pliable synthetic coated webbing which has many practical uses and lends itself to pet products amongst many other things. 

Not only is it smooth and pliable like leather it is waterproof, odour and stain resistant, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic - so good for your pet's skin/coat too. 

A quick wipe will keep it looking good as new every day! 


Our safety clip/ backup connector is an added bit of protection for you and your dog. Used to attach a harness to a collar, head collar to collar or headcollar to harness etc in case one of them fails.


We have standard sizes but as all of our orders are custom made so we can make a product bespoke for your pet! 


Made in 16mm (5/8") or 20mm (3/4") genuine Biothane in any colour combo of your choice.


Our lengths DO NOT include the length of the hardware/triggers, the advertised length is of the actual Biothane section.


Standard Sizes


* Small 4" Long 
* Medium 6" Long
* Large 8" Long




To personalise your Safety Clip/ Backup Connector you can select a hardware choice. We currently stock: Rose Gold, Nickel, Black and Antique Brass. 


BioThane® Safety Clip /Connector

  • Unfortunately due to the nature of our products we cannot accept refunds or exchanges for incorrect sizing, our team can advise if you have any questions.

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