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BioThane is a durable and pliable synthetic coated webbing which has many practical uses and lends itself to pet products amongst many other things.
Not only is it smooth and pliable like leather it is waterproof, odour and stain resistant, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic - so good for your pet's skin/coat too.

A quick wipe will keep it looking good as new every day!


We have standard sizes but as all of our orders are custom made we can make a product bespoke to your needs.


Can be used to attach to a H Bar or wall anchor or even in the dog bath. No more wet necks whilst grooming.


Our BioThane Grooming Loop/ Noose is 60cm total length including the trigger and made from 20mm BioThane with a sliding stopper to adjust to the dog's neck size. 


Colour Choices & Hardware


To personalise your Grooming Loop/ Noose firstly select your main BioThane® colour (see colour chart) this will be the main loop/ noose and the secondly in the order notes section add the colour of the stopper (If no notes are made the loop and stopper will be in the same colour)


We use Nickel hardware for longevity.


We can source different colours please get in touch if you have something else in mind!

BioThane® Grooming Loop / Noose

  • Unfortunately due to the nature of our products we cannot accept refunds or exchanges for incorrect sizing, our team can advise if you have any questions.

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