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Did you know that most dogs in rescue centres worldwide are there for behavioural issues? And did you know that most of those behavioural issues can be avoided by the correct methods being used to raise litters of puppies?  Correct socialisation techniques are proven to empower puppies and set them up for a successful life. 

So what do we work on here?

  • Early Neurological Stimulation

  • Early Scent Introduction

  • Sound Desensitisation

  • Textures & Levels

  • Human and Canine Interaction

  • Handling & Grooming Life Skills

  • Car Travel

  • Crate Training

  • Litter Training

  • Outside World Experiences

As our puppies grow and develop we observe their reactions to the stimulus we are exposing them to. This allows us to understand them as individuals and get a "profile" of each puppy. They are all individuals and as individuals they each suit particular homes. Observing their behaviours as they grow, means that we can correctly and accurately match our puppies to the right people, placing them in the right homes. We strive to ensure the right fit for you, and the right fit for our puppies. 

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